تستو دیسک مینی، دستگاه جیبی اندازه گیری ریز ذرات | testo DISCmini

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General technical data

Operating humidity
< 90 %RH, non-condensing
700 g
180 x 90 x 42.5 mm
Operating temperature
+10 to +30 °C
Battery life
Typically 8 hours with a fully charged battery, depending on ambient temperature
Power supply
Mains unit, 100-120 Volt or 200-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz for charging the batteries
Operating air pressure
800 to 1100 mbar absolute
±20 mbar (Delta p max. on the air inlet)

Nano Particle

Particle size
10 to 300 nm (Modal value)
10 to 700 nm (absolute)
Particle concentration
1000 to 1000000 Particle/cm³ (typical values)
The evaluated particle concentration depends on the particle size distribution and the mean measurement time.
±30 % typical for size and number
±100 Particle/cm³ absolute in number

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